Montenegro is a Balkan country in Southeastern Europe, bordering the Adriatic sea border of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania. Its name makes reference to the dark forests that once covered the Dinaric Alps. Although it has a wide outlet to the sea, the country doesn’t have important ports because of a very rugged coastline although its main port is Bar. We found Mount Orjen (1,894m) which is the culmination of coastal limestone chains, Prokletije Mountains (2,534m) and the lowest area is the valley of the Zeta (500m) and there are also some natural cavities. During the last ice age, the most eroded in the Balkan peninsula spaces are in the country. The capital is Podgorica and Niksic and Pljevlja are other important cities. The country was part of several other countries throughout its history and since 2006 Montenegro declared formal independence. Its Adriatic coast stretches over 295 km of which 72 km of beaches and has many old preserved villages.


Currently Montenegro and its coastal region are considered a major tourist discovery of recent years, cruise lines have included it in their itineraries.
We also find two international airports and a railway network. Regarding the roads, there is still much to do.
If you like museums and art galleries, visit Cetinje and Podgorica.


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