MSC Seaside

The MSC Seaside is a cruise ship that was built at the Fincantieri shipyard in Monfalcone, Italy, and was inaugurated on December 21st, 2017. The MSC Seaview is her sister ship. These vessels were designed to provide more outdoor passenger space and interaction between the different indoor-outdoor locations as evidenced by the 8th floor walk around the ship that connect this outdoor walkway to the shops, restaurants, bars, and various indoor spaces as well which gives the opportunity to have a drink, a meal or just sunbathe or walk by the sea. There are two glass walkways and panoramic lifts from where you can see the sea and the landscapes. Another novelty is the glass atrium, in the center of the ship, which occupies four floors of the liner connected by stairs with Swarovski crystals that give a touch of luxury more to all the luxury that you can find everywhere. There is a private sector for members who belong to the MSC Yacht Club, it’s like having a private ship in another ship. There is also an area dedicated to children, another for teenagers and another for sportsmen or adventurers with a zipline that allows you to have a different view from above. There are three paying restaurants, a Balinese spa, a bar of specialty cafes and chocolates, a theater, a water park, two large buffets, two restaurants with three different schedules in the evening, a disco and much more to discover.


Before you go, do not forget to download the application ‘MSC for me’ which will allow you to be aware of everything that happens during your cruise even to book the activities on board. It also has a GPS that will help you a lot to go around the 20 floors of the ship.

If you have not bought your cruise with drinks and Wi-fi included, you will find several packages that you can buy on their site or on the day of departure of your cruise.

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