The Tiger Temple, Thailand

The Tiger Temple is a Buddhist place of worship located in Thailand, northwest of the city of Kanchanaburi. The monks practice breeding different animals including tigers. It is open to tourism. Tiger farming began in 1999. According to the monks, they received the animals directly from people who had them as pets or they were young tigers that were brought after their mother had been killed by poachers. The temple opens from midnight to 16:00. In addition to the monks, there are international volunteers and local staff who take care of the animals. You can go there from Bangkok or Kanchanaburi. The tourists are accompanied throughout the visit and the monks are always close to control them in case a cat fuss. There are many controversies about this because many people think that tigers are drugged but the people who work there say they are quiet precisely because they have just finished eating before the visit of tourists. There are urns where visitors can make a donation as they plan to open another space, Tiger Island, where the felines could stay in a more natural environment and where they would have the opportunity to learn to hunt in order to a possible release in nature.


The best way to visit the temple is to do it on a guided tour. There are several options for combining the temple with other nearby attractions. In full day tours, lunch is included.

Do not wear red or pink or you must buy clothes before entering the temple. The only ones who can wear these colors are the healers. Women can not have their shoulders uncovered, but short-sleeved shirts are accepted.

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