Aerial parks, treetop adventure

The hebertism trails in Quebec aerial parks have been built in the treetops. It progresses through different routes with ropes, ladders, hanging bridges and zip lines. Guides are present throughout the course and the facilities and amenities provided are checked daily for a very safe experience. Several air courses of different levels were designed to make the activity accessible to young and old alike. Everyone can progress at their own pace, according to his abilities. Air parks offer treetop adventure trails in most regions of Quebec and in several environments such as mountains, near a watercourse within a resort and even in town. Many are also open in winter for an experience quite different.

Our suggestions

Arbre Aventure
Haut Bois Normand – Arbre Aventure, located in Eastman in the Eastern Townships Eastern Townships is an aerial adventure course and zip line park.

d’Arbre en Arbre Mirabel – Parc du Domaine Vert
It consists of a sequence of spectacular challenges that takes you on a circuit that winds the forest.

Arbraska Mont-Saint-Grégoire
Arbraska Mont-Saint-Grégoire offers original aerial courses, including 90 games in the trees and 17 zip lines located over 8 different courses.

Arbraska Lafleche
Arbraska Lafleche is the group outing that will please everyone! Located less than 30 minutes from Ottawa.

Arbraska Rawdon
Arbraska Rawdon is the destination fun with family, friends or colleagues. With 120 games in the trees and 22 zip lines located over 8 different courses.

Located in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts in the Laurentians, Tyroparc is an adventure park located on the extraordinary natural site of Mont-Catherine.

Hall of Fame, Montreal Canadiens, Canada

Come and check out the Montreal Canadiens Hall of Fame, a one-of-a-kind shrine celebrating the history of hockey’s most storied franchise. Located at the Bell Centre, the Hall of Fame offers you nearly 10,000 square feet of rare, never-before-seen artifacts and interactive content on a team that has built an unparalleled following of fans across the province, the country and the sport for over 100 years.

Relive the Stanley Cups, the great rivalries, the legendary performances and more in the Montreal Canadiens Hall of Fame. Lose yourself in the exhibits, play the role of a journalist in a Questions & Answers session with legendary captain Jean Beliveau, step inside a replica of a 1950s train car or experience a life-size version of the 1976-77 Canadiens dressing room.

The Montreal Canadiens Hall of Fame is a must-see destination for hockey fans of all ages!

The history of samba in the interior of São Paulo, Brasil

For a long time, the samba’s roots have remained highly rural, it was called ‘samba de roda’, ‘ samba de bumbo’, ‘samba de lenço’ or even ‘samba rural’, according to the intellectuals who have studied it in the 1930s. People just called it ‘batuque’. At the beginning, in the said province of São Paulo, it was structured and strengthened in large farms where blacks were taken as slaves to plant first sugarcane and then in increasingly large number, to develop the profitable cultivation of coffee. There it was danced in the districts of slaves and on the terraces, to the sound of the large ‘bumboes’ dug out on fire of trunks of huge trees. Samba has begun to win urban territory taking its place in the cities of the interior of São Paulo, in secular religious celebrations. It was this samba of rural origin (which flourished in many inland cities like in one of them, President Epitácio) and the samba wins therefore a characteristic of integration because the characters through music and dance, these new Brazilian, also poor and immigrants, found their place in the economic field, but also in the cultural space and leisure of the cities that were growing. Today, the current tourist town of President Epitácio is on the border of the State of São Paulo, with Mato Grosso do Sul, one of the best destinations to enjoy the ‘ Folia de rua’ (street madness). The Carnival of the city is considered to be one of the top events in the State of São Paulo.


Staying in the West of the state, the municipality offers a pleasant and conducive climate to enjoy the Carnival.
It is advisable to make the reservation for your stay there for being sure you’ll have your place for the event.