Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is the capital and largest city of Argentina. Its inhabitants are largely of Italian or Spanish origin. Located on the west bank of the river “Rio de la Plata’ with Uruguay on the other bank. It has the largest port in the country with a nice walking aerea and new buildings, restaurants, luxury apartments, hotels, etc., known as Puerto Madero. Considered a tourist and cultural center famous for its nightlife, the most important streets are Corrientes and Florida, with many cafes, restaurants, cinemas, theaters, boutiques, art galleries, etc. Its symbol is the Obelisk, which is in the intersection of Avenue 9 de julio (July, 9th) and Corrientes Avenue, marking the kilometer zero of the city. A neighborhood that is worth a visit is the Recoleta with its shopping area and quite expensive condominiums, with beautiful terraces and a cemetery where the most important people and families hold their mausoleums with many works of art made especially in marble.


Travelling by public transport and even taxi is cheap but you have to be patient because there are often traffic jams and protest marches, especially in downtown.

Get the SUBE card, rechargeable, to travel by subway and bus.

Please note, you need to make a sign with your hand to the bus to stop it or it will not do it at all.

The ‘remise’ is a safer and cheaper mean of transport than a taxi. There are small local companies with multiple cars and drivers that allow you to book your trip and with a simple phone call they will give you the price that will cost your journey, no surprises.

As Buenos Aires is a big city, plan a minimum of 3-4 days to at least see a little bit of it. For tango lovers, you will find several shows also with dinner included.

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